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TV Forecast Dashboard Widget 2.4
March 22nd, 2009

Well, it took me longer than I originally anticipated but I finally got around to migrating the TV Forecast Dashboard Widget over to On the surface, everything looks pretty much the same. You will find, however, that it is much faster. The reason: No more screen scraping. No more modifying the widget every time there is a markup change. That’s a huge relief. Thanks for all the words of encouragement in the comments of the previous post. Enjoy.

  • Stormchild — 11:46 am on 29.3.2009

    Installed 2.4 three times, but it kept coming up as the older version.

    Restarting the Dock fixed the problem.

  • Justin Wolf — 1:15 pm on 29.3.2009

    I am having an issue. I have downloaded the new version from the direct link, and yet, I just have the app starting up with that little gear spinning in the upper right corner constantly, it never uploads. HELP!?!?!?

  • lakers222 — 4:54 pm on 29.3.2009

    hey tried to put the TV Show GREEK, which is airing tomorrow night is not on the widget. another thing is it shows the show BURN NOTICE is on the list everyday. and still i’m unable to add some show to widget.

  • Let me preface this with a big thanks for all the hard work in keeping this widget up to date. Free is never as appreciated as it should be.
    I, too, see the “Burn Notice” error. I haven’t seen any other anomalies, though.

  • Sunwalker — 10:45 am on 30.3.2009

    It tells me “Today” as the next date for Family Guy (“Something, something, something…”). Neither date nor title is correct…

  • have you ever thought about making this a standalone application instead of just a widget? i would love that

  • I have the same issue with shows being shown as ‘today’. Seems to me it happens for shows that do not have a full air date [Burn Notice is set to start in July 2009, and Family Guy in 2010 on TVRage right now]

    So I guess it’s a parsing bug. Should probably go to TBA instead of Today.

    And I second the wish for a SxxExx display as well in the widget, it would be awesome. Cheers and thanks for this!

  • Jeremiah Bornemann — 8:49 pm on 30.3.2009

    I’m having the Burn Notice/Family Guy bug.

    I have to say that it is a bit annoying since it is taking up 2 slots in my window of 5.

  • Ugh. Latest update completely wiped out my saved list of shows.

  • is this for mac only, how can i use it on windows?

  • Update — entered all my shows back in, had to do an unrelated restart of my Mac, and all shows were gone again. Any ideas?

  • Jon Rehwaldt — 12:13 pm on 3.4.2009

    The widget seems to keep thinking there is an update available even after I have updated. Any ideas? Thanks, love this thing and the iPhone app!

  • Update 2 — the problem is that if you add a show with an ampersand in its name (Law & Order, for example), the next time you restart the Dock your show list gets wiped. Matt is aware of this now.

  • @Mike I’ve had this problem too. All my TV shows have suddenly disappeared even though the plist is still there. I do not have any shows with the ampersand symbol. Any help is very much appreciated.

  • I’m having the same problem Mike. All my TV shows have disappeared even though my plist is still there. I do not have an Shows with the ampersand symbol in them. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Thanks a lot @Mike, this was really starting to drive me crazy ^^

  • @Mike Thanks for tracking down the ampersand problem.

    @Benjamin Could you please email me with your list of TV shows? Sounds like your problem may be distinct to the ampersand problem.

  • Austen — 9:11 pm on 5.4.2009

    how come every time i reset my macbook my tv shows get lost? im deleting the widget and installing it again.

  • Austen — 9:57 pm on 5.4.2009

    so yeah its not working. reading the comments it seems like people have had the same troubles then it goes to them saying ‘thanks it works.’ i had a show with the ampersand and it deletes the shows. then got rid of it, added like 5 showns and killed the dock and theyre all gone. so any help would be great.

  • so i think i got it to work. but dont add the shows that have the ampersand for now right?

  • I haven’t had the disappearing-shows problem since I got rid of all my shows with ampersands in their names, so unfortunately I don’t know what the work-around for the *other* disappearing-shows problem might be. Obviously, look for other odd characters in their names, but I’m guessing you’ve already done that.

  • Thanks so much…I really love the widget – it comes in very handy when keeping track of a whole households favorite shows.

    Just a quick suggestion: maybe add a scrollbar so that you can view however many shows you want? For example, displaying 20 shows doesn’t fit on my laptop screen.

  • Austen — 8:22 pm on 7.4.2009

    so with 2.4.2 we can put the shows with ampersands (&) back in?

  • @Austen – Yes, this solves the ampersand problem. I will write a proper post about this soon.

  • It seems has gone KIA and dragged the dashboard widget and the iPhone app along 🙁

  • Love this widget. One suggestion… there needs to be another “Limit forecast” filter. Right now you can limit the number shows it displays by number. This is pretty straight forward. What I think would be more useful is a filter that limits the display based on time/date. In other words, a filter that has 30/60/90/120 days in it. When you pick one, it only displays shows within that specific time period (from current date). I mean, knowing that the new season of 24 starts in 223 days on Jan 17, 2010 is great, but not really relevant when it’s only June 8, 2009. I think the ability to display a more focused and timely list would be awesome. Thanks for listening.

  • Hello. I really like your TV Forecast widget. One suggestion: Please include the length of a show.

  • Any way to add a “previously” button like the iPhone app in the next update or something similar to what TV Show Tracker does? Also episode numbers would be great too.