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Making a Run For the Charts
October 19th, 2009

tap tap tap’s App Store pricing advice:

For any iPhone developers out there that are considering making a run for the charts, it’s definitely worth noting that even with a minimum of 1,100 daily sales (Friday’s level), and averaging around 1,200 per day for the past week, that it wasn’t enough to keep it in the Top 100. Compare this to around the time the App Store opened and all it took was around 100 daily sales to get into the Top 100.

TV Forecast was #100 the day after its release. It got up as high as #69 before ultimately plummeting. This is just another reminder of how the App Store has changed.

  • Hey Matt,

    There’s no doubt that the app store has changed a lot and it has to be linked to the way the iPhone market & user interactions have changed.

    On a more personal note I’d really like to help out if your going to continue updating the TV forecast app. Give me a shout if your open to talking about some of the potential elements I’ve come up with.