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Pocketball Update
October 19th, 2009

Pocketball: Coming Really Soon

So there it is; now you know what Pocketball looks like. It should be ready for release in (a few) weeks. Beta testing has been going well and people are really enjoying it. I am pleased.

I’m still deciding what action, if any, I’m going to take regarding the new “In-App Purchasing available to free apps” feature that Apple rolled out last week. I will likely play it safe and release a full version and a separate lite version. I’d rather not be on the bleeding edge of this game-changer; I want to see how it plays out first.

As for getting my first game out and, heck, my first application since TV Forecast (has it really been a year now?) let me just tell you it’s exciting stuff. Did I say exciting? I meant terrifying. The App Store is a different beast to what it was a year ago. Will Pocketball be a huge success? Will it even be noticed? Who knows. All I can say is that I enjoy playing it and I am confident that a lot of other people will too. Certainly it will be a big milestone for Big Bucket Software and I know I will feel relieved to have it released.