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Touch Arcade reviews Pocketball
November 20th, 2009

The first review of Pocketball is in. It’s from Touch Arcade and it’s fantastic:

If you’re a fan of genuinely challenging puzzle games that are about more than falling blocks, Pocketball is $1.99 well spent.


  • Christoph — 1:45 am on 21.11.2009

    Dear Matt,

    please excuse my English – I am German…
    I have just bought Pocketball and I really really like the game. Beautiful idea, well done. But i have one “complaint” -I think it is completely useless to have the “build/delete” switch. Sometimes I draw a wrong line (rope) and instead of simply deleting it by double-tapping in it I have to switch to “delete” mode first. Then I have to switch back to draw the correct line. The need to switch between the both modes destroyes the flow of the game. If you are planning an update, maybe you want to think about deleting the both modes for just one mode – simple gaming.

    Thanks again for your wonderful game!
    Greetings from Berlin,