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First 10 Days Of Pocketball
November 26th, 2009

First 10 Days Of Pocketball Sales

So there you have it. A relatively successful launch and a generally positive trend. So far, Pocketball has brought in a total revenue of US $1,926 (AU $2,097) in 10 days. Not exactly a smash hit (yet), but still a good result.

Some random points that can be intuited from the graph:

  • The iTunes “New Releases” list has next to no effect nowadays
  • The TouchArcade review produced an enormous spike but the effect wore off quickly as the review dropped from the front page
  • I can’t estimate the amount of traffic the AppSmile review produced

Pocketball is currently ranked #54 in the US Puzzle charts and #51 in the US Simulations charts. I briefly experimented with switching the secondary category from Simulation to Arcade. There are many more Arcade apps than their are Simulation apps so this would mean a drop in rank but I hypothesized that a low Arcade rank would be more visible than a high Simulation rank. I figured that since Arcade is near the top of Games category list and Simulation is somewhere down the bottom, people are more likely to click through to Arcade than they are Simulation. This (probably) turned out to be a bad idea.

After making the switch, Pocketball dropped 2 places (from #52 to #54). I’ve since switched it back to Simulation. I will probably resume this experiment at a later date.

It really looks like positive reviews is what brings the sales in. I can see from my daily sales reports that 11 of the 22 promo codes I handed out have been used. I can only account for 6 of those so hopefully the remaining 5 point to a review progress. Time will tell I suppose.