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TV Forecast Dashboard Widget
May 17th, 2010

TVRage recently changed their API and this has caused existing versions of the TV Forecast Dashboard Widget to break. So make sure you download the latest version.

TVRage is currently resolving some server issues so please bear in mind that TV Forecast performance won’t be so great for the next couple of days.

  • thanks for the quick update! excellent work as always.

  • Please submit the latest version to MacUpdate. Thanks much for this excellent widget!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Matt.

  • Matt, you rock. This is one of my favorite, simple and useful tools. I was happy to be able to pay for it on my iphone. I would pay again for my iPad

  • Is the new version working for everyone else? I’m no longer getting all TBA, but it’s unusably slow now. It’s taken hours to search for and add a single show. I tried completely uninstalling, nuking preferences, nuking the widget, rebooting, reinstalling…still the same. This has been going on for the past two days for me now. Anyone else in this boat? FWIW, I tried another widget that uses tvrage and it’s doing the same thing. I wonder if tvrage has an issue?

  • thank you!!!!!

  • Thank-You very much!!! This widget has been my favorite for quite a while now!

  • @Drew TVRage are experiencing some server issues. They’re working hard to resolve them. In the meantime, performance will suffer.

  • I haven’t been able to update for at least ten days… I have the newest version (iPhone)…

    Is there an even newer one waiting for app store approval?

  • @steven – The newest version, 1.3.1, requires iPhone OS 3.1. Have you upgraded to this version?

  • I am getting all TBA on my tv forcast dashboard widget. It said to get the lastest version so I downloaded it and its still all TBA. What should I do?

  • @Kristy What shows are in your list? You can email them to me if you like. Maybe they really are all TBA!

  • Cool peace of software, would it be possible to give it (back) the option where I could select “Previously” episodes (like on the iPhone app)

  • Thank you for creating this cool widget! Would it be possible to give it the option where I could select “Previously” episodes?