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To Remember And To Let Go
May 25th, 2010


TV Forecast. LOST is why I made it. More than 3 years ago.

  • Just watched the final episode of Lost. It was a nice series even when it was absolutely confusing. I’m glad I started to watch it, but I’m also very glad you did (and created TV Forecast), because TV Forecast was a very useful and very well made app/widget/web app!

  • Correction: it still is!

  • Matt, I had to smile when I read, “LOST is why I made it.” Lost is one of the few regular TV series that truly interests me, and had it not been for your TV Forecast Widget, I would have missed the finale of Lost. I had my recording set for Tuesday, and though I would have checked, probably Monday, to see how much longer than usual the finale was going to run, that would have been too late, because it aired on Sunday! Thanks so much for your great work on this Widget.