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The Incident: Out Now. Seriously!
August 10th, 2010

Hey guys:

The Incident: Out Now

We did it. We actually shipped it. It’s been a long ride but we got there. You can grab it in App Store now for $1.99.

  • See, I said that I didn’t need to sign up to get notified. So far I’ve seen no less than 4 mentions in Google Reader. Just bought it too, looking forward to trying it out during my commute tomorrow (see public transport is good for more than saving the planet).

  • Congratulations guys. Really looking forward to playing this.

  • Got it and tried 2 first levels! First impressions are good! I really like it. The first levels are good for getting into how the game works. Love the style of the game and the attention to detail! The only thing that annoyed me in the beginning was that there is no way of changing orientation. I kept on muting the music with my hand until I realised I was holding it wrong!

    The music is perfect and brings those old 16 bit memories back!

    Well done Matt! Really kept up to the expectations I had. And I also appreciated the journey to this launch, with blog posts not too often but in a good pace so it keeps you thinking about the game now and again.

    Again well done both of you! Hope it goes well for this product.

  • Bought, playing, loving.
    Congrats to you guys, hope you get very very rich and make more awesome games.

  • Congrats on the launch! Really like this game, the retro feel, electro music, gorgeous pixels and sense of panic (like “skate or die” in the old 720°) It takes me right back to the arcades in the 80’s

  • Bought the game and having trouble. The app opens but when selecting the level it says loading and it closes. Plz help.

  • Hi Fiona, this problem will be fixed in an update. For now, you can get it working again by resetting your progress from Options.

    Also, are you able to tell me: Did you lock your iPhone/iPad while the game was launching?