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Neven Chats With App Store Pirates
November 1st, 2010

Neven happened upon a site that offers cracked iOS apps and figured he’d pop into the IRC channel to say hi.

The beauty of this particular site is that it asks for donations of say, $1 to $2. Y’know, the price of a typical iOS app.

Personally, I prefer to stay well away from this sort of thing, (I can only assume Neven was having too good of a day) but while I’m here, let me just address this point that appeared in the IRC channel:

“…the pirates 70% of the time wouldn’t pay for the app anyways.”

I can only assume that’s meant to be comforting; piracy supposedly isn’t affecting our bottom line. But we spent something like 6 months on version 1.0 of The Incident and the fact that someone will track down a cracked version instead of forking over $2 really gets me riled up.

And so, I stay well away from this sort of thing. Now that I have that off my chest, I guess it’s time to get back to making the Incident 1.3 awesome.

  • I saw Neven’s post on his blog about the whole thing, somewhat suprised me that there was that many people pirating iOS apps….though I guess I shouldn’t have been suprised.

    What was weirdest of all was the responses of “dude I love that game”, “that game’s awesome”, etc.

    By the way, the game is awesome and I happily shelled out my couple of bucks for it.

  • Anonymous — 8:55 am on 2.11.2010

    I would love to see Apple support try-before-you-buy, or perhaps game devs release a level or two of a game to get a feel for it. You just never know whether an app is going to be worth it.

    Ratings really aren’t much help, nor are screenshots or descriptions. They may all paint a picture of an app that doesn’t really give an impression of the actual playability or style.

    You want to reduce piracy of your app? Offer a free version with an in-app upgrade to full functionality.

  • Lewis Herd — 11:33 am on 2.11.2010

    The AppStore try-before-you-buy is called ‘lite’ apps.
    I’m sure you must have heard of them.
    No Sarcasm intended, Lewis

  • Pirates should be dealt with like in the good old days: hang em high!

  • @Lewis
    I Disagree.
    ‘lite’ apps are just a bandaid for the real solution, which should offer a try-before-buy purchase mechanism.