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Sneak Peek at The Incident 1.3
November 9th, 2010

The Incident HD

No seriously, this is totally real and totally awesome.

This is a beta of The Incident 1.3 running my TV. Here’s how it works:

  1. Plug your iPad into the TV
  2. Pair your iPad with your iPhone or iPod Touch
  3. Sit on your couch and play

And that’s it. You never have to get up to touch the iPad. You do everything from the controller. It works great.

For 1.3, I have brought all the menus to the controller and Neven has widened all the artwork to accommodate the panoramic new look. It’s just like your old gaming console from the 80s only widescreenier.

As always, it will be a free update so why not snap up 1.2.1 today. More info soon.

Update: A lot of people have been asking how the iPad is connected to the TV. Neven and I are both using the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter and we will be testing the Apple Component AV Cable before 1.3 is released.

  • cesarerasini — 10:00 am on 9.11.2010

    No words. You are the best. Every iOS software house should be like Big Bucket.

  • Whaaa??

    This looks dope as hell!

  • That’s so damn cool. You give us back the 8-Bit memories!

  • Awesome
    shame… I don’t have an iPad
    Great TV setup too…
    What are all those boxes? movies? lol

  • so awesome. you just sold me on getting the A/V cables.

  • Mr. Wobbles — 10:19 am on 9.11.2010

    Nice! This is the first time I’d actually consider buying an iPad to VGA thingy. I really wish every dev would put in the effort you guys do. Great stuff!
    (BTW, nice Bravia! Which one is it?)

  • Sooo cool!

    Now if I only had an iPad. 🙁

  • @g3orge Thank you and yeah, those boxes are containers for these things called DVDs. They fit in with the retro aesthetic 😉

    @Mr. Wobbles Thanks! Yeah, it’s a Bravia HX800. Only had it for a couple weeks.

  • maybe soon on apple tv? 🙂

  • Hi,
    How do you plug your iPad into the TV?

  • Awesome! Will it work with airplay/apple tv?

  • This is awesome. The future of iOS games on the TV. Now if only you didn’t need to tie up an iPad but instead could use Airplay on the Apple TV.

    Way to lead the pack.

  • Mr. Wobbles — 12:39 pm on 9.11.2010

    Thanks, that goes on the list! 😉

    Also, I read Neven Mrgan’s tumblr post about the widening of the game. But doesn’t the iPad only output in 4:3/XGA? Which cables did you use, the composite or the VGA ones? Thanks!

  • What way are you hooking up your iPad to the TV? Can’t tell whether to purchase the vga connector or apple av kit.

  • Mr. Wobbles (of the New England Wobbles?)

    There’s quite a bit of confusion over how TV out works. It does NOT mirror what’s on the iPad’s screen; it’s a whole new display for it to use. That display has whatever resolution the TV can handle.

    We’re both using VGA cables currently.

  • Gaurang — 2:57 pm on 9.11.2010

    Amazing concept! I will buy the VGA cables for the ipad as soon as you release this… It will be amazing — and I am sure many games will follow suit. Nice…. my ipad / iphone is turning into a gaming console!

  • Could this work over airplay too?

  • WANT.

  • Mario The Plumber — 10:07 pm on 9.11.2010

    Wow, just from looking at that photo, you just spent three thousand dollars to play what looks like an 8-bit platformer. Congratulations. Now if maybe you could add a Cinema Display or some other technology to this mix, maybe you could ramp it up to 5 thousand, and sock it to those nerds at the unemployment lines.

  • Think AirPlay will ever be an option for this kind of setup? iPad to Apple TV?

  • Jesse Curry — 10:13 pm on 9.11.2010

    You’ve got to give a shoutout to majicdave and Chopper 2.

  • Matt, will this work with an iPhone connected to the TV instead of an iPad?

  • Will this be possible without wires with Airplay?

  • @Mario The Plumber: Don’t forget, I had to buy a couch to sit on and a house to put all these things in!

  • @Andy Assareh: No, not in 1.3, but in future perhaps. If it’s ever going to work over iPhone, it will need an iPhone 4 just to push all those pixels.

  • Ben Perry — 10:27 pm on 9.11.2010

    Just wondering how the audio works in this setup?
    I assume you have the iPad audio out hooked up to those 2 Logitech speakers you have there.

  • @Ben Perry: Yup, the Logitech speakers are connected to the iPad headphone jack.

  • harveyswik — 10:44 pm on 9.11.2010

    This is glorious. I can’t wait.

  • AirPlay likely won’t ever be an option for this type of output. AirPlay is only made available to developers through the system-wide MediaPlayer that is used to present audio or video media playback to the user. There is no AirPlay interface for simply outputting screen data from a non-media-playback source. I somehow doubt that will change.

    I’m curious to see how your testing of the component AV cable turns out. The iPad and iPhone are only capable of pumping out 576p through the component AV cable, whereas (I think) the VGA adapter pipes whatever pixel dimensions you want to output, and the TV will handle.

    If you’d like a beta tester, I’m in the developer program and I’ve got the component cable, an iPad and an iPhone with which I would love to test for you 🙂

  • I have the iPad VGA adapter. I’ll try playing via the projector in school. 😀

  • @iPimp Oh wow that sounds great. If you do, please email me a photo!

  • Neat… Cool to see experimentation like this. You just sold another app. 🙂

  • That’s very impressive! How about multiplayer so you can all huddle around the big screen trying to survive? Different characters? All connected by wifi with a main iphone 4/ipad hooked up to the telly?

    Great work chaps.

  • I didn’t know you had this kind of freedom with an A/V-cable-connected iPad. I’ve wanted to get the cable, but was disappointed it could only be used for photo slideshows and videos. Does this mean someone could make an app that is able to load a browser view onto the screen (which would be great for presentations in conference rooms that only have a projector and no computer).

    I saw your answer to the AirPlay question. There’s no way for you to stream a video of what’s currently happening on the screen to the MediaPlayer?

  • So why can’t you add multiplayer?

    like multiple characters, maybe some can help you defeat buildings, and with many iPhones/iPod Touches, you can go multiplayer controls with this!

    wouldn’t that be awesome?

  • @Riyazk @Alex Sounds like fun 🙂

    @Bart A browser? Sure, why not. And also, while it may be technically possible to stream the screen to the media player, it wouldn’t be possible without considerable latency. With AirTunes, the buffer size is always at least 2 seconds. Any latency at all would be annoying, 2 seconds is down right unplayable.

  • hostyle — 2:45 am on 11.11.2010

    Totally off-topic, but where did you get your tv stand? I want one!

  • @hostyle It’s an IKEA Lack shelf on it’s side.

  • That looks great! I hope it catches on as a method to play games. Are you stretching the game from 4:3 to 16:9, or are you accounting for the aspect ratio difference?

  • Looks great! Would it be possible to allow for bluetooth controllers
    other than the iphone.

  • This looks excellent! I don’t myself own an iPad yet (waiting for second generation), and this seems a bit of a round about way. You suggest the iPhone 4 could have the power needed to output this video directly?

    Are there any blockers in implementing that under the current SDK? I keep looking for iPhone games with TV Out capabilities, and never find any. I’d assumed this were a limitation of the current SDK.