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Toyota Hiace
November 28th, 2010

If you’ve played The Incident then there’s a good chance you’ve come across this van:

It’s not just any van, it’s a Toyota Hiace Van. Here it is again in real life:

Toyota Hiace

And, just for good measure, here it is once more, in cake form:

Over the weekend Jess put together what may well be the world’s first Toyota Hiace cake. She even went so far as to document its construction on her blog and on Flickr. So what’s so special about this van?

Cam and Jean, a couple of our friends, bought a Hiace earlier this year, (I actually drove Cam to the yard to pick it up). Their intention was to repurpose it into a camper van that they would use to trek around Australia. At that time, Neven was still drawing items for The Incident so Cam half jokingly requested that we include his van. Neven and I were happy to include it and, more importantly, Neven was happy to draw it.

In a couple of weeks from now, Cam and Jean’s Hiace Camper Van conversion will be compete. Probably. Which mean, they’ll be leaving Perth. We got together for dinner at their house this weekend for a kind of going away party. Jess thought it best to mark the occasion with Toyota Hiace Cake. The result was just astonishing. Jess’s blog post mentions that I helped. Which is absolutely true, but only if you count repeating “that’s great!” as helping.