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The Incident 1.3 Out Now!
December 1st, 2010

The Incident 1.3 has arrived!

So you liked controller mode? Well you’re going to love this. If you’ve got an iPad, an iPhone (or iPod Touch) and a VGA cable then you’ve got everything you need to play The Incident on your TV. Retro gaming goodness just got better!

  • Alex H. — 5:08 am on 2.12.2010

    Thanks for the update, guys! Just wish I could use it…

  • Mikhail — 6:12 am on 2.12.2010

    Doent work on my TV. I can watch PhotoAlbum from iPad, VGA mode works, but not your game 🙁 why? I have 1.3 ver. + 1.3 on iPhone

  • Mikhail — 6:26 am on 2.12.2010

    Sorry! Now it works 🙂 dont know what happened! But thanks for game, its amazing!

  • I have the Apple iPad composite cables, will it work with them?

  • Unfortunately no, it will only work with component cables or a VGA cable.

  • @Mikhail: Maybe try restarting The Incident from the app switcher. See how that goes. The Incident will only detect the VGA cable if it connected when the game is first launched.

  • Patrick — 9:18 pm on 31.3.2011

    where is airplay support? I just bought the app because I thought it would be the first one to support airplay… Please make it so!!!

  • @Patrick Regarding Airplay, here’s something I said on the topic earlier:

    Some people have been asking about the possibility of using AirPlay in place of a VGA or component cable. Well, the thing is, AirPlay is for streaming. A buffered and compressed video stream is not the same thing as a video game. Even if the iPad were able to compress video in real time, it wouldn’t be able to send it wirelessly without a significant delay. Not a problem when watching a movie, but for a video game it’s a deal breaker. The only way to do this right now is with a cable.