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TV Forecast Has Returned
December 2nd, 2010

TV Forecast 1.4.

After a long hiatus, TV Forecast is back. It returns with local notifications for reminding you when a TV show is about to air, support for Retina display, some bug fixes and, last but not least, a brand new icon.

It’s great to be back. Enjoy!

  • Barry Haanstra — 3:05 pm on 2.12.2010

    Make an iPad version and i’ll buy it (again)!

  • Brent Hudson — 10:01 am on 3.12.2010

    Are you making an iPad version of this great app?

  • I’d totally love to make an iPad version, just not sure when.

  • Geoffrey Wiseman — 10:21 am on 3.12.2010

    Where does the data for TV Forecast come from, out of curiosity?

  • Alex H. — 8:47 am on 4.12.2010

    As previously mentioned, an iPad version would be nice.

  • Aaron M — 5:02 am on 7.12.2010

    I like the new notifications, but they currently only work for “pre-show” times. Could you possibly add “post” show notification time options? Instead of notifying me beforehand, I always watch my shows when they finish recording, so I’d like to be notified 0 minutes after or 30 minutes or even several hours after or something like that. Thanks, and glad you’re back – this is still one of my favorite apps after 2 years!

  • I have version 2.4.3, which is still active with updates. Just a FYI but Rescue Me has NOT ended. It ends after one more season, and the forecast has it as over.

  • the ability to backup show listings would be nice.

  • @Aaron M: I can absolutely do that. I’ll put it in the next version.

  • TV Forecast is powered by TVRage.

  • Von Lidl — 6:10 pm on 23.1.2011

    Hi! I realy like tvforecast but i am missing the one thing that would take it from great to epic. It needs to have a way to mark the episodes you have seen.
    When i watch episodes from my dvd boxes i often dont remember which episode i watched last, in that situation it would be awesome to just start tvforecast and see all the episodes you have missed or not watched yet!

  • is it possible to have the previously shown on the dashboard app like you do on the iphone app. it helps me figure out what I might of missed for the week

  • Any chance that the office US icon be restored because mine is blank. its the only 1 out of like 20 picture tiles i have