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In Development: TV Forecast for iPad
March 8th, 2011

I’ve been working on TV Forecast for iPad for the last couple of days. Right now, it’s purely a Photoshop mockup. I’ve already posted a few designs to Dribbble and I’ll continue to do so during development. I know that it’s mad to share progress and reveal features before they’re implemented (or even prototyped) but it’s just too much fun to share and get feedback on what I’m doing.

So stay tuned!

  • I love TV Forecast but the one feature that I feel would really make it a killer app is the ability for it to keep track of which episodes of a show you haven’t watched yet. If you could “check off” episodes as you watch them, the app would be invaluable.

  • Lewis Herd — 10:12 pm on 13.3.2011

    Will this work in New Zealand?

  • Seriously can’t wait. My iPad has been crying for a proper way to dislay your original app.

    Very much looking forward to the calendar view.

  • hells yeah just got a new ipad and was baffled that there wasn’t a ipad app for this one I use it allot on my iphone and mac but i need a bigger screen version on my ipad to make the trio complete!

    any eta on this ?

  • I love the app on my iPhone. Will love it more on the iPad 2 !!!