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Clicking iOS
April 2nd, 2011

On iOS, the Cocoa API refers to interactions with UI elements as touches and taps. This is distinct from OS X where the UI is clicked, double clicked and so on. Despite this, there are a few places in the iOS API where things are clicked:


The delegate methods of these classes look like:

– searchBarSearchButtonClicked:
– alertView:clickedButtonAtIndex:
– actionSheet:clickedButtonAtIndex:

As opposed to:

– beginTrackingWithTouch:withEvent:

So why are these classes clickable? My theory: they shouldn’t be. It’s telling that these classes have all been available since iOS 2.0 (the first version of iOS with an SDK). That is, there’s a good chance that these are naming errors from API designers who hadn’t quite got the hang of the new touch/tap paradigm.