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Super Meat Boy Postmortem
April 14th, 2011

Tommy Refenes on writing his own engine for Super Meat Boy:

One huge reason is control. I’m sort of a control freak when it comes to code; I like to understand everything that’s going on in my codebase. That way, if something breaks, I know exactly where and how to fix it. Also, I got into games to program games, not to script them. I enjoy all aspects of game programming, from the engine to the gameplay. Since we’re indie and can do what we want, and since I had the skill set, I simply enjoyed doing the engine.

Spot on. I wrote everything in The Incident except for the physics engine (Box2D). Sure, I could’ve used cocos2d, but where’s the fun in the that? And like Tommy says, how would I know where to look when something breaks? Or is running too slow? Control and confidence are important factors. Enjoyment is another.

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