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Time Zone Correction in TV Forecast HD
June 19th, 2011

But first, some background on what “time zone correction” means taken from an earlier post on the subject: is awesome. They include time zone information with (almost) every TV show. Each show specifies the time zone from which it is originally broadcast. For practically every US TV show, this is eastern time, currently, GMT-4. “Time zone correction” means adjusting for the difference in time between the broadcast city and the user’s city. Plain and simple. It usually works.

So yes, in TV Forecast for iPhone, it usually works. Sometimes though, the automatic adjustment is off by an hour. The reason is a little complicated to go into here, but if you’re interested in the nitty gritty then you can check out this post. To tackle the “off by an hour” problem, TV Forecast HD introduces a manual adjustment feature:

If you use TV Forecast for iPhone, and you’re happy with the time zone correction it performs, there are no surprises in TV Forecast HD; the correction will work as you expect to. But for those of you who have experienced this “off by an hour” issue outlined here, TV Forecast HD has the solution.

  • So, in theory, if I am in Chicago, I should turn “Apple When Added” on and Adjusted -1 Hour, correct?

    This is what I did, but I didn’t get a notification for Futurama yesterday until 10 PM, one hour after the show aired in Chicago (it airs at 10 PM eastern time and Chicago is on central time).

    Any ideas?

  • @Kyle, does the time appear correct inside the app? I mean, do you suspect there is a problem with the notification? Or with the way TV Forecast is calculating the air time generally?

  • I got it working correctly. I wrongly assumed that I needed to automatically change the time zone, but when I turned Time Zone Correction off, the app automatically detected my time zone based on the iPad’s time.

    Everything is working perfectly. It’s a great app!