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Coming in TV Forecast HD 1.1
August 1st, 2011

I’m currently in the process of polishing up TV Forecast HD 1.1. Here’s what’s coming.

Ability to hide episode summaries from the list

A new option that makes it possible to remove summaries from the list view. Useful for keeping upcoming episodes from being spoilt.

Ability to specify which shows you want to be notified about

Useful when time zone correction adjusts a TV shows air time to the middle of the night.

Notify option

Support for 24 Hour Time

Now respects your locale settings when presenting times.

Fixes an issue where iPod music would stop playing

Thanks to @evilcop for spotting this one.

Fixes an issue where the activity indicator wouldn’t disappear when a show failed to be added

Fixes an issue where the search dialog would not allow the user to add a show that had previously failed to be added

I’m currently testing 1.1 and will be submitting it shortly. It will, of course, be a free upgrade.